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Simmons  Natural Care Latex Branch River Mattress

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Great if you and your partner are the same weight


We purchased this mattress in Jan.  Saleman didn't mention that since my DH weights 90 lbs more than I do & we like to sleep close to each other, I spend most of the night feeling like I'm on the edge of a cliff about to roll down.  The mattress is nice but I really don't recommend it unless it is for 1 person or both sleepers are close to the same weight!  We ended up getting another mattress after 5 months.

Los Alamos, NM


Simmons Natural Care Branch River- Stay Away


The brochure, web site and salesman promoted 65% Latex, but no cut out in store.  I asked and he said yes, bed is 65% latex., as I did not want to sleep on foam, as I knew it would make me hot.  The marketing brochure not informative enough.  Had to go to another website to find the layer of this bed, not even on Simmons site. Found out too late bed only has a 2" portion layer beneath other FOAMS -polyurethane, that made me way too hot.  Bought a king and used every inch all night rolling to cool off, husband moved to the couch.  Too much foam at top, too hot.  Simmons rep told me it was "bizzare", I am returning and losing money, as they did not offer other mfg bed, and not buying another Simmons after reading reviews and bascially being told by Simmons I had to exhange for another of thier beds.

Lima, NY


Simmons Natural Care Latex Branch River Mattress

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