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Simmons ComforPedic Loft Spectrum Plush Mattress

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This Comforpedic is totally awesome!


This Comforpedic is totally awesome!  I have a bad lower back and ever since I got this bed I have slept more soundly and woken up with no back pains.  I have had the bed for a little over a year now and I still love it! I even got a 20 year lifetime warrenty when I bought it so I will probably never have to buy a bed ever again. It also came with a liquid proof cover that protects the mattress from getting distroied or stained in case of any accidents.  It's a lot like the temperpedic except that the temperpedic gets really hot doesn't regain it's shape as fast as the comforpedic.  What that means to me is I will stay cool at night and I will not get stuck in the bed trying to get out.  I have tried the temperpedic before and couldn't even get out of the bed when I woke up the next morning.  After that happened I had to send it back.  Imagine if my house had caught on fire, I wouldn't even have been able to recue myself!  With the comforpedic I am able to easily move around and even get out of the bed because of the extra firm support built right into the sides.

Silverdale, WA


Simmons ComforPedic Loft Spectrum Plush Mattress

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