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Similasan Allergy Eye Relief

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Similsan Allergy Eye Relief: Natural, no Sting Relief


Allergy suffers ofen deal with eye problems like redness, itchiness, burning, and watery discharge. Some may be apprehensive about placing something in their eyes but one product that helps take some of the worry out of the equation is **Simalisan Allergy Eye Relief Medicine**. ** ** **Medicine Commentary:** Simalisan Allergy Eye Relief Medicine contains the active ingredients Apis 6X (controls burning, itching, stinging), Euphrasia 6X (controls redness, swelling, watering), and Sabadilla 6X (watering, redness of lids) . The product is manufactured according to homeopathic principles so there are no known side effects. Simalisan Allergy Eye Relief Medicine can be used by adults or children over the age of two. Just two drops in each eyeball are all it takes. The eyes feel soothed and refreshed almost instantly. The urge to rub gradually dimishes and burning sensations cease. And you don't experience the sting with this product- something common to other eye drops. Simalisan Allergy Eye Relief Medicine are recommended for any and all eye related irritations from allergies but I have noticed they are not as good as others at eliminating the redness. However, this is minor compared to relief from general discomfort and Simalisan Allergy Eye Relief Medicine is very good in this area. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Simalisan Allergy Eye Relief Medicine is a very good product for eye irritation. I don't usually have eye problems with my allergies (my problems tend to be almost all nasal related), but when I do, Simalisan Allergy Eye Relief Medicine is one of the products I use for effective, safe relief. Effectiveness Gets rid of redness and irritation Ease of Use Just add two drops in the eye Immediacy Works very fast


Houston, TX


Similasan Eye Drops are so soothing


I love Similasan Allergy Eye Relief. They make my eyes feel so soothed and comfortable! I love that these eye drops are homeopathic and natural. I feel good knowing I am putting drops in my eyes that do not have any harmful ingredients in them. These are also always the drops that I turn to when my allergies start causing me problems and making my eyes feel irritated. My eyes also look less red when I use them also, which is something I have to deal with when my allergies get real bad. I love that these drops are not too thin of a liquid like some other drops I have used, so it feels like they really kind of coat your eyes when you drop them in. I love how easy it is to squeeze the drops out my squeezing the tip of the little nozzle. I usually use them a few times a day when my allergies are really bothering me and every time I drop them in my eyes feel great. I can feel my eyes saying, "ahh".


Douglasville, GA


terrific eyedrops that don't sting!


Similasan Healthy Relief Allergy Eye Relief eye drops are wonderful.  They are homeopathic (which according to the package means they are non-toxic and have no side effects) and they relieve itching, burning, and watering of the eyes associated with allergies. I get allergies all the time and got sick of using regular eye drops. These are great since they seem to be a little "thicker" than regular eye drops, so they really seem to coat the eye and protect it. It stops the burning almost immediately and the itching too. (although, if I may say, the only way to get rid of itchy eyes is to buy eye wash and one of those little eye cup things and wash your eye out for a minute or two. that's the only thing that gets rid of my itchy eyes, ever. just thought i'd share....) so these are great since they don't sting and it helps to stimulate the eye's natural ability to fight the symptoms of allergies.  I love them and they are the only eye drops I would use now!


San Diego, CA


Similasan Allergy Eye Relief

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