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Similac Total Comfort Protein Powder, 4 Count ,1.41lb (Packaging May Vary)

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Good for tummy discomfort!


As a mother of two kids, I've tried different formulas for both of them. My son has acid reflux and when he was a newborn, we tried different brands and types of formula. The one formula that we stuck with until my son has been on regular milk was Similac Total Comfort. This formula didn't cause the gas or constipation that Enfamil Gentle Ease did with my son. I know all babies are different and different things will work for some, but this formula was a winner for us.

Akron, OH




We started using this product once my breast milk flow slowed down. It was great in the beginning and then my son started having issues with pooping. He would go weeks without pooping. But as he is getting older it's becoming more normal again.



Easy to use and takes the gas away!!


My son had bad problems with gas and our pediatrician switched him to this formula and it took the gas away completely!! Plus he poops more regular now also! But, to us this formula reeks of a bad smell. But that's the only downside to it.

Fayetteville, WV


The best we used!


We started out using Similac Advance and then switched to Similac Advance Sensitive but both caused my baby hot to be extremely gassy and fussy. As new parents we didn't know what was wrong. We thought it was acid reflux and so did our pediatrician so we were prescribed a medication for him. While he may have had acid reflux, we discovered the formula was causing the problems. We eventually switched to Similac Total Comfort at about 5 months of age. That was the best decision we made! He was so much happier, less gassy, and didn't spit up as much. This formula doesn't have such a bad odor as some do and it mixes well (no bubbles). The only downside was that Similac doesn't make bigger containers like the Advance formulas.

Bristol, TN


Similac Total Comfort Protein Powder, 4 Count ,1.41lb (Packaging May Vary)

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