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Similac Sensitive For Spit-Up Ready to Feed Infant Formula

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We have been impressed with the quality of this product when we have used it. Our children have gone through phases where they spit-up a lot, and we looked for something that would be more gentle on their stomachs. We have not been disappointed since we found this product. It has always worked well for our children whenever we have tried it. I also appreciate the added iron, as this is an essential mineral for the growth and development of the child. We have been very pleased with the results that we have seen from the use of this product. Easily Digested Our children have never had a problem digesting this product, and they seem to sleep quite well while using it. Ease of Preparation We have been extremely satisfied with how easy this product is to use. Since it is in liquid form already, it simply needs to be poured into a bottle and warmed (which we usually do in a container of hot water instead of the microwave).




Similac Sensitive For Spit-Up Ready to Feed Infant Formula

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