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Similac Human Milk Fortifier - 50 pkts - 3 pk

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This product is designed to add to human milk in order to provide extra nutritional supplementation, especially for babies who are smaller at birth. Our second son was smaller at birth, and he did not gain weight very quickly after birth. So this nutritional supplement was a good product for us to use, adding to the natural mother's milk that he was being fed. It gave him added nutrition that helped him gain weight and grow into a healthy young child. We have been pleased with the results of this product, and pleased that we could use it in conjunction with regular human milk instead of switching away from natural milk and needing to give him only formula. If parents want to continue to use human milk, then this is the way to go. Easily Digested Our son never had any problems digesting this extra nutritional supplement. Ease of Preparation Using this supplement requires that a mother pump milk instead of breastfeed, but otherwise, it is pretty easy to prepare.



Similac Human Milk Fortifier - 50 pkts - 3 pk

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