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Similac Expert Care NeoSure Ready-to-Feed Formula

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Way To Much Money


We were given these small containers of formula in the hospital after our first son was born. He was a large baby (nine pounds and ten ounces) at birth, and he needed some extra supplementation when we were in the hospital. Although this formula did the job for him and provided him with good nutrition, in my opinion, it is not worth extended use. The bottles are small, but still cost a good bit of money. On top of that, the hospital recommended disposing of the bottle once it had been opened and used once. If used on an older child that would drink the whole thing at once, that might not be so bad. But on a newborn that may only drink about one tenth of the bottle, it is a great waste to throw the rest away. Easily Digested Our son did pretty well digesting this formula, especially considering all the other changes of being born. Ease of Preparation Since it is already in liquid form, this formula is extremely easy to use, which is one of its better qualities.



Love the Similac formila but not the niple it comes with


Excellent baby formula for newborns but not the nipple it comes with. The flow in the nipple is way to fast for the newborn. Leads to over feeding and over weight. The child learns to eat to fast and keeps drinking before he or she relieves they are full. With both of my children I would poor the liquid in my own bottle made with slow flow for newborns. These similac bottles are great because they are proportion out and measured. No wasting unused mix formula. No needing to mix on the go. All ready pre-measurement. Excellent on road trips, shopping, or travailing. And when leaving your child with a caregiver, daycare, family, or friends. Don't need to worry about them measuring the formula and using the right water. Pre-made and measured formula is always easiness way but not the cheapest. Does cost a lot more for the convenient. Would be nice if they would sell them in bigger amounts and lower cost.



Similac Expert Care NeoSure Ready-to-Feed Formula

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