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Similac Expert Care Alimentum Ready-To-Feed Baby Formula

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Three days on this formula and my son was a different baby!


My second son was placed on this hypoallergenic formula at 7 weeks old. We just recently stopped purchasing it recently now that he is 18 months old. It tastes sweeter than the powdered version of the same formula and it helped tremendously.




Only thing my baby can have


My son was put on this for acid reflux and he did awesome on it immediately. He has been on it for 2 months now and is doing better than ever.


Taswell Indiana




My daughter was allergic to dairy and after battling colic for three months, we switched her to alimentum. Within 24 hours we noticed a huge difference. No more colicky baby!




Miracle milk


This formula was literally the only thing that my children could tolerate. My first was fine on the powder, but my second two children could only tolerate ready to feed to die a formulation difference. I recommend this to all mothers/fathers with feeding troubles. Honestly my baby changed demeanor in a day. I swore he had colic. I was wrong. Give this formula a try!!!


Albion, Ne


I finally found something that helped my son.


I had tried every formula that I had available to me and none of them worked, I didn't​ know how to help my breastfed son when he was having bad stomach issues. He was having a hard time passing gas and stools. He would cry all day and these were cries of pain. I came across this formula by chance I saw it at the drugstore and it was ready made and I said let try this before him going to a specialist. OMG, it was like I had a new baby, he was happy he stopped crying, he didn't have any more issues with his stomach or stools. This is a very expensive product but it does help. THANK YOU SIMILAC!


Arlington, TX



Similar Alimentum is the best Formula ever. I don't know what we would have done without it. The ready made is super easy to use. My son has a severe milk protein allergy and after months of different type of specialty formulas we finally came across this. It is a godsend. Within a few hours he went to the bathroom. Which we had ongoing constipation for months. It was awful. This made an instant difference. And he loved it. It does have an awful smell. But it's so amazing I didn't mind. It literally saved our lives the last year and I recommed this to any moms thatbare going thru a milk allergy with there babies. I can't even express how grateful I am for Similac Alimentum. My son loved it and had no issues with the taste at all. Truly an amazing Formula for any baby that needs something gentle on the tummy.


Germantown, Md


Love it


My son can not tolerate cows milk nor soy. We tried this and I must say within 24 hours all of his sensitivities were much bette . My son went from cranky to relaxed. The only down side to this formula was the stains. However I found that removing the clothing while still wet and soaking in baking soda water helped fix the problem. So I will give it a 5 star.


Port Huron, Mi


Good formula


This formula works great for my daughter. She was having issues with all her other formulas. It does smell bad, and its pricey though!




Really saved my daughter from terrible colic


My first child was immediately allergic to regular Similac expert care within days of being born. We tried the sensitive, Isomil and even other brands but none worked... Except for alimentum!! The food allergy stopped immediately, the intestinal issues improved within 36 hours and finally my daughter was happy and not screaming all day and night. This formula is a Godsend!!! After countless months she finally started to grow and flourish after being in the fifth percentile. I can't tell anyone enough how much this formula helped but the price is quite high. Easily Digested My daughter could easily digest this formula and finally started to grow and put on weight. We tried other "hypoallergenic formulas" and she refused to drink them because they tasted and smelled so bad. This one is definitely the keeper of the 7 formulas we tried. Ease of Preparation Very easy. Just pour and go. It also comes in various ready to feed sizes to ease your traveling issues.


Valley Stream, NY


Meets Alimentum Needs


This alimentum formula is designed to help babies with a protein sensitivity. We have not been disappointed with the results of either this liquid formula or the equivalent powder formula. However, since powder is cheaper, we usually use that over this one, although we will use this one occasionally to save some time. Easily Digested This expert care alimentum formula has always been easy for our babies to digest. When they have shown any problems with protein sensitivity and needed something different than regular formula, we would turn to this product, and it has never disappointed us. When our babies have needed it, it has always helped with protein sensitivity, cutting down on digestion issues that they have had. Ease of Preparation Simply opening this container and pouring it into a bottle is all that is required of this formula. It does not get any easier than that. The one downside is that the rest of the bottle needs to be used relatively soon after opening. But when we've needed this for our kids, then it is the only thing that we have used, so we did get through a bottle quickly enough.




Similac Expert Care Alimentum Ready-To-Feed Baby Formula

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