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SilverStone Nonstick Cookware Set

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Buyer beware!


I was excited about this set the colors were pretty and, well that about covers my reasoning behind wanting it. My husband picked it up as a gift for me, so I fell bad about not liking it, but the quality is just not there. There are two screws that hold the handle to the actual pans and the screws don't elm to be coated with the non-stick stuff so all kinds of food gets stuck to them. It sounds like a little problem but since I don't have a dishwasher, getting the food off is a real pain. Even if I soak the pan for a long time, the stuck on food just doesn't want to come off. I ended up tossing out some of the pieces because I just didn't feel like I could get them clean enough. Heat Distribution The pieces seemed to cook well at first, but that went downhill the longer I used them. Ease of Handling The pieces are light weight, which I really liked, but I've found that the more heavily weighted cookware tends to just be higher quality. Ease of Cleaning Those two screws really ruin this cookware. Design The colors are pretty, but that's about all.

Southfield, MI


Not worth the money


I purchased a cookware set of silver stone cookware, which I had not had any in probably about 20 years.  My first set of sliverstone cookware was great!  They held up really good, lasted a real long time and didn't scratch or flake off anywhere.  They were very easy to clean and even a little heaviness to them, that made them even stronger.  But, when I got my second set of sliverstone cookware, though at first they did looked kind of different, a little lighter then the first set I had, they turned out to be one of the worse ones I know own!!  The bottom of the skillet is scratched off from normal use and the skillet lid does not fit right at all.  There are also two ribbets in by the hand of the skillet that all the food that you fry in there sticks to it, you can't do nothing to stop it and it's very hard to get the food off of it, even after soaking for awhile in dish water.  What I used to love in the past, that was a very good name brand item, something to be proud to own, now I am disappointed in even buying them.  My next set will be bought at Wally World so I can see and feel what they are made of.  (I purchased this set online, but found out later, they were the same in the regular stores).  In my opinion, I would not waste my money on them, they turned out to be a disappointment to me.

Olive Hill, KY


SilverStone Nonstick Cookware Set

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