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Silver Star
Silver Star Gravity Feed Profesional Steam Iron

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Silver Star ES-90A Gravity Feed Sream Iron


This Iron was bought for home frequent use, but it had to be replaced at exactly the one year mark. This iron is sold under the brand names of Superior, Siver Star, Consew, and others; it is manufactured by Eun Sung Electric Co. (korean). The styling as well as the parts used in the manufacturing of this iron is like something out of the 1950's (very common in industrial/profesional irons). It is heavy and it gets your hand hot while ironing, more so than other designs that use cork/silicone in the handle. The gravity feed system will suffer from clogging after a few months of use. Thermostat set design is very poor and it will eventually in less than a year give-up, due to heat transfer eventually damaging the thermostat knob ( you will not be able to rotate the knob at the desired position). It does the job while new; the steam genarating is more than adequate, but not near as strong or easier to produce as the Reliable J420 Maven (which replaced the Silver Star), a far better steam generating system, but also not in the same price category, since the J420 Maven is more expensive.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Silver Star Gravity Feed Profesional Steam Iron

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