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Silver Cross
Silver Cross Micro V.2 Umbrella Stroller

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Silver Cross is a great stroller


This stroller is super lightweight and VERY easy to maneuver. I wanted a well made stroller and something I could take on long brisk walks, but I also wanted something that would easily fit in my car, not take up too much space in our garage, and was easy to handle. This is all of these things. It can turn on a dime, the handles are great, the seat is comfy and big enough for my 2 1/2 year old to still sit very comfortably in and enjoy. It has a 5 pt harness, but can easily just be use across the lap. There is a nice umbrella cover on it that locks into place nicely or can be pushed back. There is also a little pocket on the back of the umbrella, that fits my keys, phone, and even wallet, nicely. It has a mesh pocket at the bottom for carrying diaper bag, purse, etc. It's not very big, but definitely better than nothing. It also comes with a bag to put the stroller in when travelling. I have been very happy with this stroller!

Lubbock, TX


attractive, but not worth the price


I was very pleased when I first saw this stroller, which I ordered from a photo online.  It is very pretty with silver cross written in many different places on the stroller.  I was also happy with it's general weight.  Hoever the more I have used this stroller the more I have seen how much it pales in comparison to my other stroller which is an inglesina zippy. First, the seat is not paded  and the seat bottom seams somewhat short and has these uncomfortable feeling bars in each side of the childs legs,  second, the hood is realls bad.  It is short, so it can not be lowered much when the sun is shining in your child's eyes and my 2 year ol ( who is not partiularly strong) regulalry rips it off as it is affized mainly with velcro.  I end up carriing it 1/2 the time.  Third, it is hard to steer and turn.  I kept thinking that the wheels were locked but they are not.  It just is not that manuverable- or not so much as my other stroller at least... Fourth, if the child is not in it, it tips backwards if you hang even a light bag on the handles.

Schenectady, NY


Best lightweight sturdy umbrella stroller


I am a new Mom who was looking for a good sturdy umbrella stroller that would last.  This is the one to buy!  It is easy to load and unload.  Good safety harness and easy to push.  I would recommend this to anyone - worth the money!

Brunswick, OH


Silver Cross Micro V.2 Umbrella Stroller

3.7 3