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Silver Cross
Silver Cross Balmoral Carriage Stroller

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A nostalgic old fashioned classic.


I love this stroller for it's nostalgic design. This is a classic style like our grandparents used and that makes it even more sentimental. In reality, this stroller is not all that practical, and not all that essential, because it is really only for a very small infant, but it is so elegant and plush that it is totally worth it, even if you only use it for a very small portion of babyhood. I love bringing my new babies outdoors, but keeping them protected from the elements, and letting them get fresh air while sleeping in total comfort. In the first few weeks when they are sleeping most of the time, this is a very well used piece of baby furniture in my home. This is probably as deluxe as they come in my opinion. It's like a baby Cadillac. I really love that with this stroller I was able to take my brand new babies out for walks every day while they were sleeping and I was working off some of those extra pregnancy pounds without disturbing their beauty sleep. It's like the baby has all the comfort of a plush bassinet, only it is portable. It's also great for having a movable bed to move from room to room when needed. I like to keep this stroller on my screened porch for warm days and naps in the fresh air. It's also great for visits to grandma, because its like having a full bassinet on wheels, so she doesn't need to have any baby equipment on hand. This one is terrible for packing or travel because its huge and bulky, but again, that is not what this one is designed for. This is a luxury item. It's an indulgence. It's a nod to years gone by and a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Design It's a classic. Not practical for today's lifestyle, but still a well built classic. Safety This is an old fashioned design and more my more modern strollers definitely feel safer than this one. Child Comfort For a sleeping newborn, this is the best. Once they are sitting up, its time to move on to another stroller. Maneuverability Old fashioned design is not competitive with the sleek swiveling wheels of more modern designs.



Silver Cross Balmoral Carriage Stroller

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