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Silky Zubat 330 Pruning saw

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I nicknamed this saw 'My Baby'.


"Where's my baby?" If I said that on a landscape job, my crew would start looking for the Zubat. I have used a lot of different pruning saws (prob 20+), and this one smokes every other one I've used. It has a curved blade, which feels more natural cutting to me and means that there is a longer cutting edge than a straight blade of the same length (longer blade=longer stroke=fewer strokes=less work.) It has a thick blade, which I haven't bent yet (knock on wood). The teeth are an aggressive triple edge design that makes for easy cutting, and handle is comfortable and sure. All these things add up to a really nice saw, but there are couple more things that really put it over the top. At the end of the blade, there's this little bump. If you're getting tired or distracted, ti lets you know that you've gone as far as you need to on the pull. The other great thing is the sheath. The sheath has a belt loop, but there is a clip so you can take the sheath off the loop (eliminating the need to take off your belt to remove the saw. It also swivels. I'm sure that doesn't sound like much, but it's awfully convenient climbing trees or fences or moving through shrubs or a crowd. Short story- You've probably figured it out already. Excellent construction and design. Get one!

Marietta, GA


Silky Zubat 330 Pruning saw

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