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Silk Elements
Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo

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Silk Elements Luxury Moisturiizing Shampoo is for everyone!


I have been using the Silk Elements brand for at least two years now. My favorite out of their shampoo's has been the Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo. I have tried literally hundreds of other shampoos in order to find one quality product to effectively cleanse and nourish my hair. The main problem in my search had been finding a product suitable for multi-racial hair. Some shampoos that I had tried left my hair too stringy while others left it too oily. Then I found this great product at Sally's Beauty Supply. Often my hair type changes with the seasons (and my hairstyle with relaxing, coloring, etc.) and this product has been able to manage it effectively. There's no need to shampoo your hair more a second time when washing. The lather that a quarter sized amount  creates is truly surprising. It leaves your hair feeling silky, smooth, and soft. I recommend this product to my friends and family all the time.

Atlanta, GA


Best Ever


I love Silk Elements.  I am a African-American lady, and I have very, very thick and full hair.  When I get me hair done and just when people see my hair they say you have such gorgeous thick hair.  So my hair is a lot of work.  I Have tried so many shampoo's and conditioner and hands down this is the best.  With other shampoo's and conditioner my hair becomes tangled and matted after washing.  But with Silk Elements I can comb it and not rip my hair out.  I have never had a shampoo or conditioner like that and I have tried so many others.  I love this stuff.  After washing it my hair is soft, silkly, and smells good.  If you find your hair hard to comb after washing it then try this, it is amazing.  I am not sure of any other place to find it other then Sallys stores and online.  It is a little pricely, but it is wroth it one hundred percent.  I find that is also lasts a long time. Great to have and I love it.

Savannah, GA


Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo

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