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Silk Elements
Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Conditioner

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Silk Elements Luxury Moisturiizing Conditioner pampers hair


I have been using the Silk Elements brand for at least two years now. One of my favorite conditioners from their line has been the Luxury Moisturizing Conditioner. This particular type requires the hair to be towel dried after shampooing in order for the conditioners to penetrate the hair better. The main problem in my search for quality conditioners has been finding a product suitable for multi-racial hair. Some conditioners that I had tried left my hair too stringy while others left it too oily. One of my favorite features of this product is that it is thick and rich so it clings well to the hair (instead of sliding off.) Though not advertised as such, I often use the conditioner as a de-tangler as well due to the richness of the product.There's no need to shampoo your hair more a second time when washing. It will leave a little of bit of a film on the rest of the body after rinsing (if done while taking a shower.

Atlanta, GA


Silk Elements Luxury Moisturizing Conditioner

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