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Silicone Solutions
Silicone Solutions Silicone Bakeware (Various pieces)

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Love these


I used these for more than just baking! I absolutely love these as soap molds! They are the perfect size for cute little soaps. I love lining them up on a sheet tray, and filling them up with a home made soap mixture. The silicone is safe to use with essential oils, so making soaps that use essential oils for fragrance and skin is great! The soap molds are easy to use and the soaps, once hardened, are easy to remove. I love the imprint it leaves on the soaps. My daughter loves helping and we have a lot of fun. It makes them perfect for gift giving, or even selling. They are adorable! I love these and will be ordering more.



makes muffins SO easy!


I purchased a Silicone Solutions mini muffin pan five years ago when my oldest was a baby.  I have used this silicone pan for EVERYTHING!  I love it.  Originally, I purchased this pan for babyfood.  I make my own babyfood and the silicone pan works perfectly for freezing baby-sized portions of food.  It is so easy to pop the cubes of food out of the pan and store them in freezer pans.  This is probably not what the makers designed the pan for but it worked perfectly for me without having to buy babyfood trays.  I love a multi-tasker in the kitchen. As far as using this for muffins, it is perfect.  You can let your muffins cool and then just pop them out without sticking.  I do still recommend using a oil spray.  No pan is perfect for non-stick and I found that using a spray eliminated the little bit of sticking that sometimes occurs.   The best part is that it is so easy to get muffins out and the flexible, silicone allows you to push the little muffin trays out for easy cleaning---something you won't get with a metal pan!

Athens, GA


I love and hate silicone bakeware


I was so excited when I opened the silicone bakeware set I registered for my wedding. After using the various pieces for awhile, I have mixed feelings about them. I love how lightweight they are, and how they are "bendable" and can fit more easily in your cupboard. I love how as long as you use cooking spray on the muffin pans, muffins and cupcakes slide right out after baking. I love that the silicone doesn't get hot like metal pans do. However, these bakeware are very, very difficult to clean. I have scrubbed and scrubbed, ran them through the dishwasher, and tried everything I know, and they still don't look clean. I know that they are clean, of course, especially after going through the dishwasher, but there is a film after you bake with them that remains. It abolutely will not go away, and it doesn't look appealing at all. I still haven't decided if the frustration I feel from them is worth the few good points.   

Colorado Springs, CO


Notconvinced of the value of the Silicone Bakeware!


First off, I would like to say that I am NOT convinced about the actual health safety in using silicone bakeware- (despite it being FDA food-grade!) -this is a concern of mine. Not everything manufactured is healthy, nor should it always be used as described from manufactures-they want sales. Okay that being said, I was very displeased with the performance of the silicone bakeware ~ are all silicone bakeware created the same, I do not know!!!  However, the Silicone Solutions bakeware that I purchased (for free actually -I did pay for shipping!!) on the internet did not seem to be of good quality (if there is such a thing for silicone products).  REMEMBER,if you do use the bakeware be sure to follow the directions BEFORE use.  I gave some of the bakeware as a gift and the lady did NOT read the directions for pretreating the silicone and after putting the item into the oven it began to smokeup the entire kitchen until the smoke detectors went off!  Now when I used the cookie sheet, I pretreated it per the directions, however, it became stained from the food that I cook and looks gross now!  Needless to say, it looks so bad I don't want to put my food on it!  I am glad it was free, but I still don't think it was worth the money-lol...  The problems for me out weighted the non-stick feature - I didn't even notice!

Charlotte, NC


Silicone Solutions Silicone Bakeware (Various pieces)

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