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Signature Classics
Signature Classics Deep Fryer

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Could have a removable insert


This is a great little deep fryer. Cool to the touch when you are deep frying with it, it's vented not to mention it is very light weight. Wish it had a removable insert though, but other than that I love it. Fantastic for the quick deep fry, My granchildren love chicken nuggets & french fries, with this little deep fryer it is speedy to get thing's going. It has a light to let you know when the grease is hot enough for the selection you choose. This is the small unit, but I experimented with making taco shell bowls you can eat, wow made the greatest bowls of course only 1 at a time, but I could only do one at a time with my large deep fryer. The only negative I have found is I paid a bit high for  it though, plus the basket handle is collapsable when the lid is down, sometimes it does'nt collapse when it is suppose to, so you have to mess with it , that can be a hassel since the basket wont drop until you collapse the handle. Overall I would rate this deep fryer a 3 on a scale of 5.

Indianapolis, IN


my cool touch deep fryer is my new best friend


i often shop at walgreens and i had my eye on this deep fryer for a couple of months. finally for christmas i got another slow cooker so the wonderful world of exchange was calling to me. i used the deep fryer as soon as i got home to make chicken strips and fries. the fryer heated up so quickly i didnt even have the chicken seasoned yet. so within a few short minutes my dinner was complete. i really like the way you can keep the lid closed while your cooking. also the outside of it does stay cool compared to a regular fryer. the fryer basket is really convenient and keeps you from fishing out frys and tator tots all the time. the temparature gauge works great along with a correct temp on the package. my eight years old son even commented on how good everything was the first night we used it. my fries and tots when cooked in a skillet were always soggy with grease. very easy clean-up and storage i couldnt ask for a better deep fryer.

Tulsa, OK


I will never buy another signature classic product!


10 Speed Blender I do not have experience with the deep fryer, but I have just bought the Blender.  I got home and found no top in the box.  So a major piece of the product was missing, can't use a blender with out the top.  I drove back to the store exchanged the blender got home and now it does not turn on.  I realize this is for the deep fryer, but if this experience is a sign of how their products are then you will never buy them again.  Quality control is seriously lacking, I hope someone from Signature Classic reads this and fixes the problem so other people do not have to go through the pain in the ass I did.  I will never buy another one of their products and I will make sure everyone I know never buys any of their products.  Terrible experience! 

San Diego, CA


The best deep fryer ever!!


The Signature Classics deep fryer, I would have to say is the best deep fryer I have ever purchased.  The deep fryer has a light that tells you when the oil is hot enough to cook with and the light also tells you when you food is done.  The deep fryer makes the perfect chicken wings, the wings are done the whole way through and are nice and crispy (the way we like them.)  I would recommend this deep fryer to anyone, actually I have to my family and my husbands.  Best way I have spent money!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Smithfield, PA


Fry with easy and safety


Easy to put together, easy to use, didn't take as much oil as I thought it might. Potatoes came out very nice and crispy, looking forward to doing fish, chicken, fries and much more. Seems like it will be easy to clean up too but I only wish they incorporated an easy oil drain plug that would have made it totally perfect for small usage.

La Grange Park, IL


Signature Classics Deep Fryer

3.8 5