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Sift & Toss
Sift & Toss Littler Liners

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Poor product.


The Sift & Toss Littler Liners are a great concept but they simply do not work. I saw advertisements for these on TV and then seen them at a local PetCO and decided to give them a try. You are supposed to place the mesh liner in the bottom of your litter box, then cover with your choice of litter. The idea is you grab the sides of it, and pull it out of the litter and all the waste is gathered in the liner. It seems like a great idea! The first problem is there is no way of securing the edges of the liner to the outside of the litter box. Second, when your cat digs and/or buries in the box they also grab the liner, which causes it to tear. It really just ends up being a hassle because the liner is all over the litter box, with big holes in it. With some revisions this would be a handy product, but there are too many flaws with it currently. I do not recommend this! Ease of Cleaning This product is supposed to make cleaning your litter box more simple; however, it does not. You can not secure the edges of the liner to the litter box. Your cat will tear the mesh liner which allows the waste to fall through. Ease of Use This is not easy to use.



Sift & Toss Littler Liners

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