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Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 - Verizon Livery

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good but not best


I received the new Sierra Wireless 595U USB modem which I happened to win when I attended the last meeting of the Wireless and Broadband Forum. In my previous life (working at Telecom) I was always involved in the testing process so I had access to the cool toys before they were released. This is the first time that I actually get to review an EVDO product outside of Telecom as someone who is more independent. I have a long history with Sierra Wireless gear and I have always respected their engineering and product design. So, thanks to the WBF and Telecom for giving me a new toy.I have decided to write the review in two parts. This, the first part, is about the USB modem hardware. Tomorrow (for reasons that will become apparent) I plan to butcher the USB modem and extract the component I am more interested in. Butchering the modem will render it inoperable as a USB device.The Sierra Wireless 595U is the long awaited EVDO Revision A modem from Telecom. Vodafone have had their Vodem in the market for quite some time but this is the first, serious USB offering from Telecom.


Knoxville, TN


Great Tool - like magic!


This aircard is a winner.  I used this card for a year before getting a USB type.  It sustained a signal in the backwoods, highway, and airports.  It can't be knocked out of the socket and travels easily.  I used it on an IBM computer.  If there is an issue, first make sure the card is fully engaged. These are pricey and as with most aircards, you have to be mindful of usage, unless you are grandfathered into the unlimited plans. Setup was easy and quick with self-installation via a CD.  The bars gave an indication of signal strength and there were a few times when low strength hampered internet connectivity.  This would also affect logon as authentication would take longer or not happen for a time.  But this was not a perpetual situation.  Waiting a few minutes or moving a couple feet usually did the trick. If you're in a dark room, the blue flashing line can get annoying, especially if you're watching videos.


Houston, TX


This is an excellent wireless aircard modem.


I ha purchased a new computer for my bedroom.  The one that I had was slow and old.  I had another brand wireless USB adapter on the old computer which would not connect me to the internet on the new computer.  I went and purchased a new adapter, same name, which woukld not work.  I called the tech center for my computer, the tech center for my internet server and the tech center for the wireless router no one could get me connected to the internet.  After trying for three or four days and running back to circuit city to purchase and return the adapters.  I was fed up! My daughter had purchased a Verizonwireless Aircard 595u for her new laptop and she seemed to be very pleased with it so I decided to try one myself.  I went and purchased one, called the 800 number and was connected to the internet in a matter of minutes. I give this product a five star rating and I would reccommend it to anyone.


Newark, NJ


Stay Internet Connected All Over This Great USA


We are going to be on the road all across the US in August. We need to stay connected to our friends and family as we travel. We want to post information about our travels on Internet review sites We don't want availability of wireless or wired connections to the Internet to limit our choices of where we stay. We went to our local **Verizon **store and came away with a **Sierra Wireless Aircard Model 595**, their latest. This card plugs into the side of our laptop in the PCMCIA slot that most laptops have. It is powered by the laptop. A CD that comes with the card loads into the laptop. When all this is done and you have paid for service through a wireless telephone service provider you have Internet access wherever they have digital capable cell towers. It is simple to do and it works. Speeds aren't bad, much better than dial-up, about like satellite Internet service. The Sierra site claims speeds of 3.1 mbps download and 1.8 upload. This feels about right. Once the card has dialed up the service provider and made the connection you use it like you would your wireless or wired broadband. In other words just forget about it and surf, get or send emails, download songs, whatever you normally do. My honey just took the laptop to the left coast with the card. She is so naive about computers that I feared she would never get it to work. She had absolutely no problem. She used it where she was staying, in cars, and in airports. She just turned the computer on with the card plugged in and went to email or the browser. If honey can use this it has to be simple. it can get a little confusing at hook-up time if you also have your laptop wireless running and a hot spot is detected. You have to choose which one you want to use, but there is a screen to help you sort it all out. We just turn our wireless radio in the laptop off when the card is plugged in. Other than getting started sometimes being confusing this is just not in your way. It feels like you are connected through the more traditional wireless. Most of all it adds many more places you can surf.


Vancouver, WA


Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 - Verizon Livery

4.3 4