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Siemens hiDefinition Concealed Controls Built-in Dishwasher

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Great Dishwasher


I really like this dishwashing machine. It is very helpful in the kitchen and totally quite. It is almost impossible to hear it when working and that is really amazing. I am sure my dishes will be clean and bacteria free. That is the most important thing in my family since I have young kids. The dishwasher is easy to use and has a quite simple control panel. It has a multi-level washing system, so it is possible to adjust all preferences easily. The dishwasher works reasonably fast and its dimensions are acceptable and adjustable. Siemens has always had good dishwashers. I had an older model before this one, and it was also very good. Definitely, not as good as this one, but better than others in the same category. I knew from the beginning, buying this dishwasher was a good decision, and I did not regret because of that.

Vienna, Austria

Best appliance I have purchased so far.


This is way better than the one it replaced. I have had nothing but good luck with this one so far. I love this appliance. My other one was load and ineffective against many of the same issues this one takes care of. I can't believe I didn't upgrade sooner. Noise Level Very quiet compared to my old unit that would drown out all other noises in the house . It made watching tv next to impossible while washing dishes. But with this model I almost forget I have it running. Cleaning Time Very fast compared to most or the ones I have owned in the past. Has settings for a quick wash and is very good. Loading Flexibility Easy to load and well designed. I can't imagine anything more the average consumer would need. It is a lot more flexible with types of wares it will seat compared to other brands i have used or owned in the past before I came across this one. Design Very well designed. Great features built into it. Durability It seems very durable to me. I have had no problems so far.



mama is happy,everybody happy


When I install new **Siemens hiDefinition Concealed Controls Dishwasher** , it's a win win situation, because the previous one was so noisy, that we can't even have disent conversation in the kitchen. Now you can't even notice if it's working. Another thing worth to notice with 7 children in my house, like they used to turning control knobs, new one has all controls concealed on the top of the door, and kids (todlers) don't see it. But saying all that, I have to share how happy my wife was, and she show litlle appresiation in our bedroom...(if you know what I mean!!!)

Portland, OR


That's just awesome


**Good ones :** - Its really awesome & cool - As compared to other dishwashers it is bit silent - It cleans the dishes neat - There is no heated dry necessary - It helps in reducing the water consumption - This helps greatly in the use of electricity in an efficient way

Saint Paul, MN


Clean, silent and deadly - best dishwasher I've owned!


Every so often you come across a product that exceeds your expectations-yes even in the lowly dishwasher category-and the **Siemens hiDefinition™ Dishwasher **does exactly that. We recently rebuilt our kitchen and ended up with a space for the dishwasher that came up just a hair under the required 24" width (even after valiant efforts by the carpenters to eke out whatever space they could from the surrounding cabinetry). After doing some research, I discovered that European made dishwashers are built about 1/2" narrower than their North American counterparts. Problem solved! This dishwasher is the quietest one I've ever heard (yes, every so often you hear a gentle swish of water, but that's it). For all intents and purposes - it's silent. You can be standing next to it while it's running and not even know it's running. Just last week, my sister inlaw saw me loading up the dishwasher and a few minutes after I had started it, she asked if I remembered to start the dishwasher-I told her it had already been running for five minutes-she was amazed. I was the owner of a Maytag dishwasher before this one that I was happy with, but after discovering this Siemens, I have to say the difference is night and day. But perhaps most importantly-the dishes come out squeaky clean. Features I like: - ability to place the silverware basket anywhere in the bottom rack - hidden controls (keeps the kids from playing with the buttons, but more importantly for me are the aesthetics of a clean front panel) - miserly usage of water - no heating element for drying the dishes (less electricity)-it uses the heat from the wash cycle to dry the dishes - the handle on the front serves as a great towelbar next to the kitchen sink - miserly usage of detergent (usually less than 2 tbsp. for a full load-no prewash required) - cavernous interior - handy activeLight indicator (LED that projects a red dot on the floor to indicate that the dishwasher is running) The only improvement that I would suggest to Siemens is to convert the activeLight from just a red dot on the floor, to a projection of the remaining minutes in the wash cycle. The "hiDefinition" name leaves something to be desired - little to do with dishes - more to do with hi def TVs.  Otherwise, the **Siemens hiDefinition™ Dishwasher **gets both my thumbs up. Oh, you're probably wondering what the "deadly" in the title of this review refers to. Well according to Siemens, this dishwasher does away with 99.9% of bacteria on your dishes (I guess their legal department didn't let them claim 100%). http://www.siemens-home.com

Chicago, IL


Siemens hiDefinition Concealed Controls Built-in Dishwasher

4.8 5