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Siemens Speed Stream

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Siemens Speed Stream 5100 modem works well.


I have the SIemens Speed Stream 5100 modem for my DSL service.  It is easy to set up with only needing to plug in a few things.  One touch of a button and it turns on.  I am able to see when everything is ready to go by all of the lights lighting up.  It does take a few minutes to get started and connected when turned off.  It is small and takes up little to no space at all. It is black which is nice because it matches my computer and most computers.  It can be layed horizontally or vertically depending on where you decide to set it up at.  At night when left on the green lights can be somewhat irritating but overall they are not too bright and now I do not even notice them anymore.  The modem has defintely increased my internet speed and I have been very happy with it.  When my internet speed is slow I have not found it to be related to the modem.  If you ever have problems with it just check to make sure that none of the cables have been knocked or pulled loose.  But otherwise I do not expect to have problems.             



Siemens Speed Stream

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