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Siemens Speed Stream 4100

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Siemens SpeedStream 4100 is wonderful.


I spent many years on the internet using a dial-up modem. I was living in the Santa Cruz Mountains and my ISP was nearby so I was a happy camper. I then relocated to Fairfield, CA and my internet connection was so slow. I could enter a URL then go make a cup of coffee before I would get a good display. After contacting my ISP he explained that, for instance, an email sent from my computer would go to Sacramento, San Jose then to the ISP. When receiving messages they had to travel the reverse route. He recommended that I go with another ISP and upgrade to DSL. It wouldn't cost more than what I was paying for my phone service and the dial-up service. Their DSL was just very expensive. I switched to a different ISP and they provided the Siemens SpeedStream 4100. The service provided by the ISP and this modem has been consistently excellent. I was so amazed at how much faster I could access internet pages. I love using DSL!


Fairfield, CA


Siemens Speed Stream 4100

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