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Shure - KSM27/SL Co... Professional Microphone

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I would buy this product again


I use this microphone for chatting with my friends, record music ... You can use it easily and put it down in any places you like.



It could be better.


I believe that this product could benefit a lot of homes. This item is perfect for people who use the computer daily, and/or edit videos and programs using their voice, such as sites like Youtube or Facebook. Quanity is remarkable yet could use some sprucing up in the quality catergory. Otherwise, it is a good selling-product.

Philadelphia, PA


Best $300 I ever spent on a mic!


I was in the market for a mic to replace my cheap desktop one and since I do voice acting I wanted something that would let me branch out professionally. I checked out various models of other brands but I wanted something made in USA that would last. I took a look at what SHURE offered and the KSM27 was the right fit for me. I had to get a preamp and new soundcard to be able to hook it up to my computer but that was only a drop in the bucket for the great and clear sound quality I get from this mic. I also added on a popfilter for greater clarity. I actually dropped it once and it still works.I record in a room that has no door and it's sitting on top of my desk that has my computer underneath. It doesn't pick up those sounds! It just picks up my voice. I also love the different settings on the mic to adjust decibels and more.

Xenia, OH


Quality condenser mic for voice, if you must use a condenser.


I got this as my first mic, and as a gift, after throwing up a hail mary: "Well, if you're paying, I'd just love the mic that Jason Van Orden uses for *his* podcast, www.podcastingunderground.com." My voice is middle range deep, and it has done me well this past year. It does exactly what it should, and the quality of the sound is beautiful. My only "complaint" is that as a podcasting mic for a home setup, it's probably *too* sensitive. It was designed as a studio mic, and will pick up every clothing rustle, toilet flush, and reverb bounce off the table and other flat surfaces in your room. That's not its fault. But if I had it to do over again, I'd take the advice of broadcast pros like Mark Jensen of PodSqod (www.podsqod.com), and go with a dynamic mic, like the Electrovoice RE20, the Shure SM7B, or for under $100, the legendary Shure SM57.

Costa Mesa, CA


Shure - KSM27/SL Co... Professional Microphone

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