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Shure - Headphones

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Shure - SRH840 Headphones great all around cans.


These are a great pair of headphones,very accurate sound reproduction and the build quality is amazing.The headphones actualy have a removable and replaceable cord which is 6 feet long and coiled,which at first I didn't care for,but later found out to be very useful,when listening to music on my PC,the lengt is there if you need it,but stays out of the way if you don't.The earpads are replaceble as well,and are made of very soft foam material ,Shure also includes a second pair of earpads in the package as a backup,which is very nice.All of this make the headphones a good investment,they will likely serve me well for a long time.Shure also includes a carrying pouch and a 1/4 adapter.The headphones fold quite easily,which is great for transportation,when you want to toss these in a backpack to take with you.They are not by any means a portable set of headphones,they are quite large for that,more suited for studio,home and DJ use. They isolate very well,so the music doesn't disturb others ,nor does outside noise gets in.You will want to amp these to get the most out of them,if you cannot do that,you might as well look at 440 which are cheaper and sound almost the same when both sets are un-amped.

Miami, FL


Great closed-design, neutral headphones


These headphones are pretty great. They're very clearly intended to be used as monitoring headphones, which is basically what Shure advertises them as. They have a very neutral sound to them, and they don't try to make the music overly musical like my Grado 325is do or exaggerate the sound stage like my AKG K601s do. Something I've been sort of surprised about is how much isolation these headphones provide. I bought them to take to the library, and they're going to be perfect for use there: I can't hear anyone and people can't hear my music. In terms of comfort, the headband is a bit tight, but it's very flexible and I don't get the impression it's going to break or wear down. The detachable cable is also very convenient for when I want to store the headphones on my headphone stands. Should the cable ever wear down, it'll also be easy to replace. Including an extra two earpads, travel pouch, and screw-in 1/4 adapter is also a nice touch.  

Somerville, MA


Shure - Headphones

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