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SE210-A-K, SE210-A
Shure Headphones

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Expensive but worth it


These headphones are really expensive, but they do give great sound. I gave them 4 instead of 5 stars because honestly I don't know that they're worht the money over a pair that's 2/3 of the price. However, I really like them. They are comfortable and stay in my ears when I'm running, which is something that's hard to find. They also filter out most of the outside noise, so that I can hear without having the volume turned too high. That's a plus for me. Also, the buds themselves can be removed so that if the wires get worn out, you can just replace the wire - which is much cheaper and less wasteful. I think I would buy them again because I know what I'm getting, and that comes with peace of mind.



great but expensive


these headphones are great. i used these to replace the stock ipod headphones and they are much much better. they sound better and fit better. they do get a little uncomfortable after a couple hours of use, but that is to be expected. if you are going to use them for an entire day, i would recommend getting the over the ear headphones as they are not as straining. but these headphones are good for on the go and still provide excellent sound quality and fit quite well to block out noise on the bus or plane. they also feel quite durable and i am pretty sure they will last for a long long time. also shure backs their products up with a nice warranty although i doubt i will end up using it. i owned a pair or e2cs before i bought these and they are still alive i just needed another pair of headphones. they are both great headphones, but they are a little expensive which is a downside but they will last a really long time which makes them worth the money!

Union City, CA


Shure Headphones

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