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Shure - Consumer Headphones

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Great sound and blocks out unwanted noises.


After reading customer reviews of these earphones, I decided to buy them because of the noise-cancellation feature.  Not all ears are created alike, so the Shures come with a variety of sleeves so that you can find your perfect fit.  I also noticed that lots of people mentioned that there wasn't enough bass, but I usually find other earphones too bassy which makes the sound a bit muddy.  The sound of these earphones is great!  The only problem I had was that it blocked out the noise so well that I almost missed my train stop until someone gave me a nudge.  They did come in handy one day when I was on the train and NINE kids got on and sat all around me. I popped in the Shures and closed my eyes and it was like they weren't even there!

Brooklyn, NY


Will never use any other earbud again


I have never had so much fun listening to music thru headphones until I bought my e2c's.  I am now able to keep all distracting noises out of my head whenver needed and have found the joy of flying once again.  No matter how short or long a flight is I make sure that I have my earphones with me so as to zone out all noises of the plane and of course noisy little children that cannot seem to sit still while on a plane.

Tempe, AZ


Great for sound isolation, but not very comfortable


These headphones are great for sound isolation.  You literally cannot hear anything around you when you have these in.  These are "in-ear" headphones, which means you insert them into your ear canal and the foam or rubber basically acts as an earplug and delivers the music straight into your ear.  This can be good and bad.  Good if you want some quiet while listening to your music, but bad in terms of comfort.  These headphones are rather awkward to put in and it takes some getting used to.  Also, in my experience, the left ear plug came out rather easily when moving around (which may indicate that I have "uneven" ears or that, being right-handed, I could not put the left ear bud in as well as the right ear bud).  Despite this, I found them to be great once they were put in and I didn't move around too much.  They come with various types and sizes of ear pieces to attach and you use the one most comfortable to you.  There are small, medium, and large sizes of rubber ear pieces and also foam pieces.  I prefer the foam pieces because they created the best seal for me.  Seal is another issue, because if you don't achieve a good seal these headphones can sound very quiet.  

Sacramento, CA


High quality sound for a reasonable price, plus noise blocking


The Shure E2C's are one of the best pairs of earbuds I've owned**Pros** - Clarity and transparency of music is outstanding - Love the ability to hear all the music - they do not artificially enhance any aspect of the music (e.g. bass).  - Although they do not have "noise cancelling" they work like an earplug and block 90% of irritating noise - I have been using them for the last 2 years on airplanes, sometimes without even playing music to cut down on engine drone. **Cons**: - If you are looking for super-thumping bass, these are not for you as they lack low end punch that is common in products like Sony's megabass earbuds, etc.

Chicago, IL


Shure - Consumer Headphones

4.3 4