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Shur-Line Semi-Smooth Surfaces Roller Cover

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Paint roller covers that do a nice job overall.


I really hate to roll paint walls. I know it's faster and leaves a smoother finish, but it really kills my shoulders to roll paint. Still I do some of it and get the boys to swap off on that. They can really knock out some roll paint. I've tried a lot of roller covers. Some are too thin and some too thick. This is sounding like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Shur-Line is pretty much just right. See. Just like the fairy tale. The spool is a bit tight on the Shur-Line. We have two rollers. I got one shoved on. The other one was harder. I got my older to son to put that on. He said to tell folks not to hold that too close to your body. He jammed it on and caught some chest skin through his t-shirt in the edge of the metal roller and the roll. This was painful as anyone might imagine. The first roll on this cover is kind of blotchy, but once it gets coated good, it works fine. They say it's 30% faster. Well, I don't know about that. They don't say if it's 30% faster than brush painting or than other rollers. I'd say it's a lot faster than brush painting and maybe a tad faster than other roller covers. The coverage is very nice with some push. That's where I have issues. I have to use both arms to really get a good push. The boys can do it with one arm. With some push, this does cover nice and even. The package says "cleans fast." I am scratching my head. You don't clean the wall with these. You paint. I can't even imagine using these more than one as messy as they are and with the price low. There are no extra notes, so I have no clue what they mean about cleaning. If these are used for an extended period of time - like 3 plus hours (we are not so speedy here), then the ends fray and splat little cover edges on the wall and on the painters. Putting on a new cover takes care of that. I would say that these are quality roller covers. The boys do great with them. I struggle a bit, but I do with any roller cover. The angle and push is not where I'm strong. I can still use these those, so I know they are good ones.      


southern, NC


Shur-Line Semi-Smooth Surfaces Roller Cover

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