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Shoppers Hotline

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Simple, easy way to earn pocket money; influence marketplace


When I received an offer to join this site, I was very skeptical.  All I had to do was scan my purchases and earn points and then cash in the points for money?  It sounded too good to be true.  But after a year of being a member, I think it is totally worth it!  You receive the equipment from the company free of charge and then you simply just scan your purchases - anything you purchase (and that you want to scan).  I personally don't scan EVERY purchase, but the majority of them.  You are not required to scan EVERY purchase as part of the program, but they encourage it for research and survey purposes.  Then you can earn more points by participating in surveys.  I also joined their partner program RX Pulse.  This program is no way to get rich quick, but it has put an extra $10 or $25 bucks in my pocket at times!  And for me, that is worth it.  My kids even have fun scanning the groceries when I go food shopping! You don't get rewarded in cash or check, but by refillable debit card (that you use as a credit card).  This is where you have to be careful because you CAN NOT go over the amount on your card or you will be charged a fee.  And you have 3 months to use the balance on the card or you are charged a fee for keeping a balance.  This is really the only "catch" that I have encountered but as long as you don't mind keeping up on your balance, it isn't a problem.  I don't mind doing this.  Anytime I have needed "spare cash" for a small purchase here or there, I have had it.  And I usually only refill in $10 increments so that in one or two purchases, the balance is gone.  I recommend this program. As a stay at home mom who adds to the family income by reducing what I spend instead of "earning" a paycheck, it has been very helpful to me and I like the fact that perhaps my purchases are making a difference in the marketplace.


Woodbridge, NJ


Buy, scan everything, earn points for real stuff!


**This is a great unique program that "everyone that shops or buys anything" can benefit from. Its a program where you scan the barcodes of everything you buy from gum to Cars and earn points, chances to win valuable prizes and rewards for doing nothing stressful.** **The company is Shoppers Hotline and what you have to do is go to their website:  search Shoppers Hotline and read about the services. ** This is how it works: they send you the equipement of no charge/its a base with a scanner that is attached to your phone line-this is how they transmit your scans. you scan EVERYTHING that you purchase that has a bar code they transmit through the phone line===not recording your calls or anything you earn points and get rewarded.  Its like any other survey that is out there. I can say its real and true. I have been a member since 2000


Westbury, NY


Shoppers Hotline No Longer Exists!


My daughter was a member of Shopper's Hotline for quite a long time and I helped her with all of the scanning which wasn't worth the effort it took.  As of Feb. 1 of this year they just all of a sudden quit and I was so disappointed in them.  This was a horrible dishonest company.  She did get paid on her Shopper's Hotline Card, but when they quit she still had 470 points which wasn't quite enough to cash out.  They said they would not be able to reimburse her which I think is totally wrong as they owed her this money, however small the amount may be.  I think they are in breach of contract as you are told what you will get for the points, but they don't seem to care.  With no advance warning they just had on their website to stop scanning and if you had points I guess it was just too bad for you.  They did tell you to join another company, but that is not my point here.  It's rip off scams like this that make it bad for everyone!


Tecumseh, KS


A lot of wasted time


Another survey site scam.  Sometimes you do get some money if you scan your grocery items with the scanner they send you but its not worth it.  The cupons they send are useless and that Laura David who runs it gets paid alot of money for having dumb people like me do her work.  These survey sites have taken alot of my thoughts and ideas and turned them into ads, and paid me almost nothing you never win the so called sweepstakes.  Bunch of crap totally ticked off.


Coldwater, MI


Easy way to earn gift cards


I have been a member of Shoppers Hotline for about a year now.  It is a pretty simple way to earn gift cards.  At first I thought the more you scan the more points you earn, but all they require is to send at least one purchase each week.  It can be a bit tedious if you scan all your groceries, so I tend to only send in small purchases.  Overall, it is a pretty good deal.


Manitou Beach, MI


Gives me an opportunity to voice my opinions.


I joined Shoppers' Hotline about ten years ago.  I scan all my purchases into a device which then transmits that information to the headquarters.  I am given the opportunity to participate in surveys on products and services.  For the time I spend I accrue points which then can be turned into funds on a debit card that can be used any place that accepts debit cards.  There are is a monthly sweepstakes that I am automatically entered into.  There is also a newsletter that gives helpful hints and recipes.  Their customer service is also excellent in answering questions by phone or on the Internet.  It has been an interesting and profitable experience.  


Zebulon, NC


Shoppers Hotline

3.0 6