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I ordered a safe and it took some time for it to ship. I had noticed that the confirmation of sale had the wrong shipping address. I notified them immediately once I received confirmation of the sale (within minutes of the purchase) and I was assured the change of address would be corrected and the item would ship to the corrected address. Needless to say it got delivered to the wrong address. After MANY calls to their customer service they agreed to cancel the sale and they had me reorder the safe. Which is what I did. The new order once again took two weeks to ship and no tracking information was available. When it finally showed up it was the wrong safe and damaged. I contacted customer service and they stated that they were probably out of stock and sent this model as an equivalent. It was the same brand but the lesser expensive model. How they think this is acceptable is unconscionable. The customer service representative said they would send me a return label. Its been three days and no label. This is a horrible company to do business with and any company that would send a product of lesser value as a replacement is deceptive and dishonest. Items should be listed as OUT OF STOCK. BUYER BEWARE - THEY ARE NOT A RELIABLE OR TRUSTING SOURCE FOR MERCHANDI

Homasassa, FL


Not always the best price!


Basically, the premise is that you get the a whole sale price if you purchase a select number of quantities. However, the funny thing about this is that you do not always get the best price from this store. If you search OfficeMax or Walmart, you will get a better deal than the prices offered here Furthermore, you don't have to pay for shipping either! So as a result, there is really no good reason to shop at this site at all. THe best prices that they have often have you make a huge minimum purchase, which is ridiculous if you do not need any other items at all I've purchased once from this site and found out that Staples was offering the better deal and I was pretty furious. You pay for the simplicity of the ordering service for being a one stop location, but if you don't mind shopping around and looking for the best price, especially in these rough economic times, you will find a better deal 9/10 of the time.




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