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Shop-Vac Ultra Plus Gallon Vacuum

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Great machine but power mechanism fell apart


Within the first year of occasional use, after bumping down some stairs, the power mechanism came apart inside the top housing.  After finding the tool to open it up it could be put back together but it wouldn't stay.  If you buy it, watch for a malfunction and return it quick.  Otherwise, if you are lucky, it is a great machine.

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Does what it needs to do


The Shop-Vac Ultra Plus 6 Gallon Vacuum does the job it's supposed to do sufficiently. It's extremely handy to have this vacuum at your home. The rollers make it very convenient to move the vacuum across all types of surfaces -- hard wood, carpet, linoleum or even cement (in basements or outdoors). This vacuum has good suction power and you don't have to spend a lot of time going over the same spots or areas repeatedly. The hose is long enough to reach hard-to-reach areas, especially in cars -- under and between seats. The cord is also long enough that you don't have immediately grab an extension cord unless you're really far away from the outlet. The 6 gallon capacity is perfect for most regular homeowners or renters. The size is big enough to get the job done and portable enough to move it in and out of different rooms and/or in the garage or the driveway. This is reliable, good vacuum to own.



Shop-Vac Ultra Plus Gallon Vacuum

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