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Shop-Vac Gallon 5.5hp Wet/Dry Vacuum

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My 5 Gallon Shop Vac works GREAT for dog hair!


I got a 5 gallon shop vac for Christmas and I love it!  I have a dog that sheds massive amounts of hair and my kitchen has a tendency to get rolling tumbleweeds of dog hair if I dont keep up with the vacuuming.  Instead of having to lug out my giant vacuum and use it in hard to reach corners, I can just plug in the little shop vac and it does wonders to get rid of crumbs and dog hair.  The hose is really long and the cord is a decent length too so I dont have to keep unplugging it and replugging it to reach different corners.  The best part is the ease of emptying the cannister.  You just uncap the top and dump it in the garbage.  I like that it's so lightweight and portable: it does the same job as a dustbuster, but I can plug it in and not have to worry about charging it and it holds so much more dirt.  It is also pretty quiet and since it's so little, its really easy to just pop it on a closet shelf and not have to worry about where to store it.  Highly Recommended! 

Beaver Dam, WI


Great tool to have around the house


Wet/Dry Vacs are great tools to have around a house.  You can use them for a variety of things.  You can pick up spills that are liquid, such as water when you basement's sewer line is backed up, or you need to empty a container that has overflowed with water and it is too heavy to lift.  Picking up dry spills is a cinch also.  Spilled kitty litter is no trouble.  The Vacs come with wheels on the bottom to make pulling it along as you work easy.  I didn't know much about Vacs years ago.  I thought they were just for people that were real craftsmen and that a 5 gallon size would be sufficient since our family didn't really do alot of woodworking or messing around in the garage.  I was totally uninformed as to the usefulness of this tool.  Over the years, I have had occasion to pull it out to help me with a project and I found that we could have used a bigger size, just for the convience of not making as many trips to empty it.  Plus, the smaller size seemed to have a tendency to overturn.  I think that if we had a bigger size, it would be more stable because it would have a wider base.  But all in all, I am glad that I have my little Vac and soon I plan to upgrade.

Cincinnati, OH


Perfect size, powerful, portable Shop-Vac. I bought two!


After several years of no Shop-Vac, and a couple of really dirty cars, my wife and I decided to break down and buy a Shop-Vac. So, we did lots of research, and read a lot of reviews, and decided on what we thought was just the right model. Then we got to the store, and this one was on sale....really on sale. Can't pass ot up on sale, and if it sucks I'll return it. Later that week I went back and bought another for at work....that's how much I liked it. It's been at least two years now, and both are going strong, and both are beloved. They don't do anything particularly well, but it does absolutely nothing badly. Nothing. I've used it for sucking up water when I broke our pool plumbing, cleaning up glass off the roof when we broke a second story window, cleaning drywall dust from a project, and lots of other tasks. The best thing about this is that it's powerful, yet very portable. Usually the portable vac's have little motors. Not this one. The filter cleans out really well too, and it's easy to pop open to empty. I loved the bag that came with it too....but I don't see myself willing to buy more of them. Just dump the thing out into you trash. My only complaint might be that it doesn't hold it's onboard tools too securely, and they'll fall off occasionally. Whatever. I'm used to that, and can deal with it. I might just get some velcro tape. This isn't for someone constantly vacuuming water either though....since it'll fill up pretty fast. But it's great for what it's for.

Surprise, AZ


Shop-Vac Gallon 5.5hp Wet/Dry Vacuum

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