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Shop-Vac 9030400 Vacuum Cleaner Wet / Dry Pickup Cartridge Filter Vacuum

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An absolutely necessary component for every Shop-Vac!


Anyone who has tried to vacuum drywall dust after sanding without a good filter know this is an absolute MUST! Without a filter, the dust is simply blown around the house and deposited on every surface. During drywall project, I use a device that vacuums as I sand the drywall... and this filter is the last piece of the puzzle to make sure that the house remains dust-free. Maneuverability Not applicable... but here I will discuss installation. This filter simply slides over the internal ball cage of the vacuum and is held in place by the rubber gasket. Couldn't be easier to install. Ease of Maintenance Cleaning the filter can be a bit of a hassle. I use a compressor with an air nozzle outdoors to blow the filter clean under pressure. It makes a mess but it works and it preserves the life of the filter. Suction Performance I noticed no drop-off of suction upon initial installation. After use vacuuming fine dust the filter can clog and cause suction to fall off. After cleaning suction returns to full strength. As a reference, I usually need to clean the filter only a few times during a room sized drywall job. Versatility The filter can be used for both wet and dry application. I have never used it in wet application and cannot comment. Design The filter seems to be design as necessary to achieve it's purpose. Durability I have been using the same filter for years. I cannot attest to the durability if it is exposed to wet condition in use or during cleaning. If cared for, the filter is highly reusable and remains as effective as the day I first installed it.

Garland, TX


Shop-Vac 9030400 Vacuum Cleaner Wet / Dry Pickup Cartridge Filter Vacuum

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