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Shop-Vac 2 in One Wet/Dry Vac -- Model: Vacuum

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Every home needs a Wet/Dry Vac - very useful.


We have had a 14-gallong Shop Vac Wet/Dry Vac for some time; in fact, we also have a smaller Wet/Dry Vac.  We have used both of them for so many clean up jobs that they have become  indispensible tools in our home.  We used the Wet/Dry vac when we did some remodeling in our kitchen.  We were able to pick up sawdust quickly and easily and before we tracked it through the rest of our house.  We also used the Wet/Dry Vac in a bedroom when we stripped off the wallpaper, and it was able to pick up all those little bits of paper that littered the floor.  We use the Wet/Dry Vac in the spring when we are opening up our enclosed Florida room--makes the cleaning up so much easier and it goes a lot faster.  My husband uses the Wet/Dry Vac in our garage/workshop when he is doing a project that involves cutting wood.  And we Spring clean  the cellar and garage with the help of the Shop Vac.  A water hose burst on my washing machine as I was doing laundry one day.  Enter the Shop Vac Wet/Dry Vac.  After shutting the water off, I was able to clean up the water very quickly before it did very much damage.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, a Shop Vac Wet/Dry is one tool that saves you time and and makes the work go quicker.

small town, OH


Great item for the price


I had an old shop vac that was falling apart but had lasted for years. There was a lot of wear and tear on it from many uses. I saw that lowes was having a sale on a shopvac and asked my husband if we could get it. I am always wanting to sweep the garage or sweep out the cars in the garage. I like to keep everything nice and tidy.I thought the appearance of the item was a nice change I liked the blue color and all of the attachements that came with it. The product was very easy to assemble and I am not really good at putting products together. I read the manual and it was easy to follow. I found this was a nice item to have in the garage because we get a lot of gravel out there and then it gets tracked into the house.   When I put the shopvac together the first thing I did was sweep out the entire garage of the dirt that there was. I tried out the various attachment's that came with it. All the attachment's fit in a tray that is attached to the shopvac. The sweeper seems to pick up all kinds of items and continues to pick it up until it is full. I really am glad that we purchased this item.

Columbus, OH


awesome tool to have!


This is a great product.  I use it to pick up after my long-haired dog, her hair totally destroys a vacuum cleaner.  I use it to clean out the cars and also just around the baseboards in the house.  I would only want a longer cord, but with a heavy duty extension cord, this is an easy fix! It is much quieter than what i expected and even quieter than my vacuum.

Shelby, NC


Shop-Vac 2 in One Wet/Dry Vac -- Model: Vacuum

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