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Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base

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Love it!


Probably my best mascara from Shiseido products. I absolutely love putting it on daily. It makes me look awake! Works great for lengthening your eyelashes. I adore it. I reccomend this product to all the girls who love long eye lashes! I will keep purchasing this product, and will giving it as gifts.



fantastic mascara base


With my short stubby asian lashes, keeping them curled and looking like they're THERE is a real chore. When I first heard about mascara bases in general, i was over joyed and immediately grabbed a tube of Lancome's Boost XL mascara base. Unfortunately all that one did was lengthen and define my lashes, but did absolutely nothing toward keeping them curled. in fact i think it actually UNCURLED my lashes! After that disappointment I thought for sure that all mascara bases are crap, until I finally gave this one a try. What a difference! It made my crappiest mascara normal, and it made my really awesome mascara even BETTER. because most of my mascara, no matter how HE, would not keep my lashes curled. But with this base, my lashes are ALWAYS curled! The base itself is grayish tinged and rather thick/dry, but i didn't have any issues of it clumping even when i don't swab it on tissue before applying. I can see how it lengthens mylashes and definitely keeps a nice curl on it. I always use cleansing oil to remove mu, so removal wasn't an issue. Only reason I stopped using it is because i have recently discovered Japanese mascara (like Kiss Me Heroine Volume & Curl, my ultra HG!) that curls, lengthens, and volumizes my lashes WITHOUT having to use two or three different mascara. If it's not for that, I would definitely be repurchasing this mascara base! Note I'm reviewing the older version of the mascara base. I heard there's a new version now, but according to review it seems to be just as good as the old version :D

San Jose, CA


Shiseido Mascara Base makes my lashes appear fuller and thicker


I like Shiseido Mascara Base because it gave me fuller and thicker lashes without having to apply two coats of mascara.  I have sensitive eyes and I love this product because it helped me to wash off my mascara more easily.  The mascara clings to the base instead of my eyelashes!

Springfield, OR


Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base

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