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Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion Spf 33 Pa++ 3.3oz

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Pricey SPF60 from Shiseido


Whoa, there was no warning when I opened up the bottle. It separated in the bottle and the "oil" poured out unexpectedly. YIKES! After I shook the bottle, the sunscreen smelled nice. But I wanted to like the product. For the money, it's too expensive. And no, I wouldn't buy this product. Not even with a coupon and free shipping.

San Francisco, CA


My favorite Sunscreen


I love this Shiseido product. I usually put it over my normal day cream which doesn't have SPF. This has SPF 33 which isn't very high but it is enough for my daily activities like driving and going shopping. When I go to the beach I use a much higher SPF sunscreen. This product is for your face and body and I use it on my face, forearms, and hands. I use very little of it, maybe a dollops-worth, which is one squeeze of the plastic bottle. The lotion is liquid-y and spreads very well. I have not broken out from using it on my face. I did try it without putting my normal lotion underneath it and my face felt extremely dry. I had already left the house when I noticed how dry my skin was getting so I would not recommend wearing it as a daily face lotion, but instead I am using it to provide some additional sun-protection when your lotion doesn't have any, or not enough. Most of the face lotions I have only have an SPF of 15.

Laguna Beach, CA


Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion Spf 33 Pa++ 3.3oz

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