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Anti-Aging Eye Creams
Shiseido Benefiance Revitilizing Eye Cream

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Pretty good but not the best


Shiseido Benefiance line is pretty decent and can be counted on. The eye treatment cream moisturized me but I found it a little too heavy for an eye cream. It is best used for me in the winter but not in the summer. The cream smooths on easily and will stay put overnight. I prefer to use it as a night eye cream rather than during the day because it will smudge with my make up. Also becasue I only use it in the winter, I found the cream cake up a little bit over the year and did not retain its smoothness, which is rather odd. Most of Shieido product will stay OK over a year, but I have problems with this particular jar. maybe it's just my luck? The eye cream is not cheap and I do not think the higher price justify its results. With the same price, you can probably go with Kiehl's or Clinique moisture surge eye treatment. Both are more moisturizing and lighter on the skin. Use it for night time only.

New York, NY


Benefiance products: there are no wrinkles in aging any more!


I am pretty tired of paying out money for anti-aging creams that just do not work or are dangerous to my skin.  When I first tried Shesheido's benefiance products, I couldn't believe how quickly and effectively they worked!  They are gentle to my face, and I feel like my skin retroacted back to my thirties!  The eye creams not only smooth out my fine lines, but they also seem to lighten the dark circles in the morning.  I recommend the Benefiance products!  They always keep me glowing!

Merced, CA


eyes look smooth instantly


I like the entire Shiseido anti-aging line. I started using the Shiseido Revitilizing eye cream several years ago since I noticed a few wrinkles around my eyes and underneath my eyes whenever I smile or cringe my forehead.  The eye cream was recommended to me by my friend who works with Shiseido as she uses only Shiseido products. She insisted that it works immediately and you notice the wrinkles around your eyes smooth out almost instantly. At first I thought she was just trying to hardsell her products to me but I gave it a try. I didn't notice immediate results because I didn't put that much on, but after a couple of more attempts, I did notice that the wrinkles and lines where I applied the cream seemed to have smoothed out pretty well. I was amazed! As with most Shiseido products, the pricing is on the higher end but I think their products work really well. Their products work for all ages, skin types, and beauty preferences. They have products for the younger age group (20's), to the middle age group (30's-50's) and for older men and women (50+). For the younger age group, their prices are fairly decent. I think the eye cream works for all ages and skin types. There were no side effects and the skin where the cream was applied did not become dry or itchy as I've noticed with most other eye creams. It's also great with sensitive skin but there is probably a special cream for sensitive skin so you'd have to check.

Yorba Linda, CA


Shiseido Benefiance Revitilizing Eye Cream

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