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Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu Behavior

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Shih Tzu bonding


Shih Tzu bonding....I am an owner of a male shih tzu. He is 3 years old. I have found that he has only bonded to me (his mommy). I have 3 children and no matter how much they play with him. He loves only me. He is very jealous of my youngest. Whenever I play or spend some time with my children then there is our loving dog. He knows when he should be getting some attention. It is just like having another child. The sibling rivalry and all. Since we are dealing with the jealousy aspect with him. Then I have the kids do things like hold his leash when we go for walks, and have the kids give him treats. That way he is thankful to them and not to me. I couldn't ask for a better dog. He is loving and playful. He appreciates his treats. I am thinking of getting him a friend. I'm not sure if I should get him a female companion or a male buddy. He's not great around other dogs. But that's probably only because he's not used to being around them yet. He is our first dog of the family so we are still learning about how dogs have different temperments and needs.


Corpus Christi, TX


Best dog you can have! Fluffy & Cute!


Shih tzu's are the greatest little fluff balls ever.  They are friendly and playful. The are very Loyal little guys!  They don't need very much exercise! They don't shed!  They love to cuddle and be pet.


Livonia, MI


Shih Tzu's are so adorable but have some behavior issues!


I got my first shih tzu about three years ago from a pet shop. These dogs as puppies are absolutely adorable! The potty training went well and he seemed to pick up on it fast, which was nice. He was very playful and raised around kids, so he did fine around kids. It wasn't until we got another shih tzu (a female) that the male became almost an attack dog. He became very protective of the female and now will bark and bite strangers that he doesn't know. Obviously he does not attack us or our family, but anyone that he doesn't know, he will go after. I am thinking this is because of the female, but don't think this is typical of a shih tzu dog. We have to keep a small cage in our house to put him in when we have new people over. Once he has gotten used to someone, he is fine around them. It is especially bad when the female is pregnant. Our female shih tzu has a great personality, she is very calm and laid back, like a shih tzu should be!


Columbia City, IN


Best breed if you want a lap dog.


We have one 7 year old male shih-tzu and three 5 month old female shih tzu pups. Our 7 year old male loves stuffed animals and will play with them when we are busy but if we call him up he will sit with us forever! The puppies are very active and love to wrestle and play but if we pick them up and put them on our laps they immediately settle down and lay on our laps for a very long time. It is amazing how these dogs settle down and enjoy just sitting on your lap. An older shih tzu would be a great pet for an older person. Shih-tzu puppies need someone with alot of energy and can run fast enough to catch them! I advise that if you are going to get one of these dogs be prepared to pay to have them groomed regularly. They need the hair cleaned out of their ears, nails cut and the hair cut away from their eyes on a regular basis.


Shermans Dale, PA


A Shih Tzu Behavior is like human behavior.


I have a  female Shih Tzu and I watch her behavior. She doesn't behavior like other dogs. She is very quiet. She understand what you are saying to her. She like children. I'll tell you a story about Shastie, my lovely dog. One night my son went out with friends. He couldn't drink because he is on medication all the time. But that night he came drunk and I was slepping when he return. hastie was sleeping in his room. I noted that someone was knoking on my door very late at night. I woke up and was Shastie. She start to run to my son's bathroom and I went with her. My son was very bad. He couldn't move and looked like he was dying. I ran to my room and woke up my husband. We took my son to the hospital about 3 minutes from home. In that hospital the doctor gave him the first aids and send him to the main hospital. The next day he was fine and the dr told us that he was lucky because he get on time to the hospital. I thanks GOD for giving me that lady dog because was her who help to save the life of my son knocking my door.


Juana Diaz, PR


Shih Tzu Behavior

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