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Shift3 5-in-1 Color Changing LCD Alarm Clock

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Cute novelty, but not too practical!


We bought one of these for a last minute Christmas gift.  It was relatively inexpensive and was compact, but once we opened the package to put batteries in it, we realized it was not as readable as the 'fake time' sticker made us expect it to be.  You have to look at it at just the right angle to be able to read it and the crystal reflects a lot of glare so it is still a bit hard to read the time.  Two stars for 'cutesy factor' but would not buy another one.

Ocoee, FL


What a cute multi-function gadget!


**What is this product**This is a multiple use gadget with six uses built into one egg shaped gadget with a tiny computer on board. It looks like a tiny egg, so it's cute as all get out.**What this product includes**An alarm clockEgg timerTemperature monitor in C*/F*Day-Date**Usability I like**I find this gadget surprisingly useful. It is keeping track of temperature on my hydroponic garden at the moment. It keeps me from overcooking my hardboiled eggs or just burning the water right out of the pan.**What I don't like**I didn't like the fact there were no batteries included in the gadget. I had to go out and buy some. It also eats batteries. (The AAA variety.) Still, for what it is, it is something I would recommend.

Prescott, AZ


Shift3 5-in-1 Color Changing LCD Alarm Clock

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