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Sherwin-Williams ProBlock Oil Primer

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Great Stain Blocker


Sherwin Williams has a number of primers for any project. Their Problock oil is one of their best multi-purpose primers. The Problock comes in two versions: Latex or Oil. Be careful not to buy the latex version if you're trying to block out a stain. It won't work. You will definitely need the oil to ensure that it locks it out. I used Problock oil to take care of a stubborn water stain. It took care of it, and kept it from bleeding through the paint coat. Problock oil also comes in an aerosol version, which comes in handy when you have a quick small project to do. The only real draw back to this product is the odor, which means you will need to ventilate the area you are working on. Overall, this is a great primer that can handle some of the toughest stains. Quality It is one of the best oil based primers out there. Durability It's a primer. It's not meant to be durable. It's meant to make a paint-able surface, which it does. Coverage Covers great. It's used mainly to block out stains, but does a great job at hiding darker colors too. Ease of Appliation Super easy. Apply it which ever way works best for you.



Pro Block is a product I've used for years with outstanding prof


 Pro Block is a line of primers that Sherwin Williams carries within their product line.I have used this product for many years with outstanding proformance on my jobs.  Pro Block can be purchased in water-based and/or oil-based formulas.This product is used as primer on wood,metals.masonary etc. I have used Pro Block primers on my jobs in the past on these surfaces with outstanding results. Being a professional painter myself In comparison to Kilz and other primers that I have also used Pro Block stands alone.  In the application process Pro Block can be applied by hand with a paintbrush or by spraying. In the drying process Pro Block dries in thicker mills. than other primers I have used. In the sanding process after drying these thicker mills. help to prevent what I call "burning"(sanding off of primer on surfaces and edges of woodwork and/or trimwork). This in turn gives you a much more suitable primer base for painted finishes tobe applied. In my experiences as a painter  with this product in the past I try to use Pro Block primers on all of my jobs in compliance with contracters and home owners.Try Pro Block primers the proof will be within your own eyes.                                                                                       Truefully Yours,                                                                                    White Ghoat

Hammond, LA


Sherwin-Williams ProBlock Oil Primer

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