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Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams Incredicoat Latex Paint

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Buyer Beware of this paint!!


First time trying Sherwin Williams paint. I had the most beautiful colors picked out for the entire house. When we were looking at the paints, the salesman asked me "Well, do you want to have to repaint?". I looked at him like he had lost his mind. Anyway, he suggested HGTV Interior Satin in my choice of colors. Even though I had found a coupon and got a discount for signing up for their e-mails, I still paid a small fortune. The colors were beautiful, the paint did not seem to drip, and the best part was it had an extremely low odor. My son has asthma and I could actually paint without the windows open with just a small fan in the room. It was great. It dried very fast and had excellent coverage. The problem was the durability. The paint started chipping off the walls exactly 2 days after it was painted. It would just literally flake off if you scratched it with your nail. How disappointing. I have had to touch it up continuously ( which it never seemed to dry to the same color). Right now I have approximately 18 spots of flaked off paint on a hallway with a Cavern Clay color. I truly wished I had listened to the salesman because what I thought was a joke at the time was actually his way of saying that the paint sucks and don't waste your time! I will never again buy any type of Sherwin Williams paint. Please be aware before you spend your hard earned money on this so-called paint. So my overall rating would have to be Good to Very Good except for the durability which would be a Very Poor rating. Because even with a Very Good rating, it is NOT a good buy when you have to spend more money to buy extra paint to repaint your walls!



Incredicoat Paint Really is Incredible


I have hesitated on writing this review because this paint is a regional brand, not national. People that live in Texas and maybe other states will be able to purchase it. The paint is so good that I decided I could not give it a review. Hopefully, it will be available in your area. Several years ago, my husband and I decided to paint the inside of our home. I had no paint experience at all and I had to learn as I went. We had an unspoken pact. He would do the walls and I would do the detail work, which included all cabinets, doors, baseboards and crown molding. I found that it was easier to paint with a foam sponge as opposed to using a paint brush. I could never get the hang of that brush. It always left brush strokes. My husband couldn't use the foam sponge but he did a nice job with the brush. I have had lots of compliments on my painting skills but the credit goes to that paint. It is latex and goes on very smooth. Clean-up is a breeze, just wash the sponge or brush in the sink. No odor, durability and beautiful coverage. I give this paint my highest recommendation.

SmallTown, TX


Sherwin Williams Incredicoat Latex Paint

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