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Sherwin-Williams DeckScapes Exterior Deck Stain

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Sample is not even close to finished product


Used 3573 tavern oak from color charts, after 2 days of drying color was no where near the sample charts, no red and light , Talked with store manager and was told samples don't always match stain Why use color chart if you don't match them

Channahon Illinois 60410


Deck stain protects the investment!!


Our deck was in serious need of restaining. My husband decided to tackle this monsterous undertaking approximately two months ago. He chose Sherwin Williams Deckscapes exterior deck stain. Because he was an employee of Sherwin Williams for so many years, he understands the product. The deckstain has a warranty of five years. It comes in latex or oil base. It has a semi-transparent finish. Color choices are available. This product can be sprayed on, rolled with a roller or applied with a paint brush. My husband chose the paint brush applying the stain as he went. Our deck covers the entire back of the house, so this was no small undertaking. The stain almost immediately begins to repel water, causing it to bead up. I actually saw this happen. It is only necessary to apply one coat. The paint is sold in one gallon or five. Clean your deck prior to applying this stain. My husband power-washed the deck to rid the deck of all dirt and debris prior to application. It was hard work, but is finished now and protected. Deckstain is highly recommended.

SmallTown, TX


Very nice deck stain product


After using a variety of products, including the typical "water sealers", the Sherwin-Williams DeckScapes finally is one I am very pleased with. I purchased the latex version of their DeckScapes line. I used it on my outdoor deck and furniture and the look of this product is great. After rains, the water just beads up on the deck and you can tell that it is definitely protecting the wood much better than your average water sealer. In the past I have had problems with the deck aging quick and starting to split, but DeckScapes is one of those stains that appears to be worth the investment. As they advertise, this product will beautify and protect your decks, porches, and outdoor furniture. They have a variety of styles and colors and they come in clear, semi-transparent, or even solid color. As one who likes the grain of the wood to show through, I went with the semi-transparent. The finish is very nice and has received great comments from neighbors.

Dunn, NC


Sherwin-Williams DeckScapes Exterior Deck Stain

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