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Shelfwork Technologies
Shelfwork Technologies Corner Smart Shelf

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A beautiful corner shelf with no hardware required.


I was in the market for some corner shelves for my home office and I did not want to have to place nail brackets into the wall.  I wanted the option to move the shelves if I decide to redecorate.  I wanted more space to store small knick-knacks and supplies. I found the answer in **Shelfwork Technologies Corner Smart shelves**.  They are made with a patented Grip Quick technology that harnesses the power of friction, not suction.  They are extremely easy to install.  You don't need tools, or screws, or nails, or tape or glue.  The size of the shelf is 10" by 10" by 2"  The product is advertised to hold up to 4 lbs on tile and up to 6 lbs on most other common household walls.  So, you can install the shelves without damaging your walls and you move them whenever you want to. They offer both shelves and totes (see pictures) for the bath and they are available in white and aqua.  For the Baby Room, they offer baby blue, dusty pink and spring green. For Kids' Rooms, the colors are red, yellow, green and blue.  For Home Decor, the offerings are honey oak, ivory, brushed chrome and expresso walnut and finally, for the Utility Room, the shelves come in white or grey. I have three of the shelves installed in my home office in the honey oak color and I just love them.  I installed each of them in five minutes or less, and now I have a place to store all my favorite things.  The shelves are sturdy.  I store about ten CD's on one and have pictures frames and such on the others.  Also, I am very impressed with the appearance.  They really look good. I would recommend these shelves to anyone who wants to add some decor to their home and also wants the privilege of changing their minds and moving the shelves easily.

Boca Raton, FL


Shelfwork Technologies Corner Smart Shelf

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