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Sheets Brand
Sheets Brand Honey Dreams Natural Sleep Aid

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I love sleep sheets


I got these from a friend after my sleep schedule had changed severely due to insomnia, and I was going to bed at 8am. I had huge headache after the first sheet, but fell asleep within 45 minutes. After some research, I found that the prescribed dose was . 75-1.00mg and the sheets were 3.00 mg. I broke the sheets into 4 pieces and not only slept all night, but no longer had that horrible headache. My schedule was back to normal within a week. Side Effects Headaches if you take too much




"Crazy Dream" Sheets


I normally take regular melatonin pills. Without them I have a huge problem with insomnia. I decided to try these. They did help me fall asleep way faster than if I took nothing at all. But it was a weird sleep. Every time I took them I was having crazy dreams all night long, the kind where you wake up and think those things really happened and don't feel like you actually got any sleep. So I would wake feeling like I'd spent all night tossing and turning, and be a little tired the next day. I ended up going back to regular melatonin which makes me feel better rested. A side issue is that I think the strips are ridiculously overpriced if you compare it to a bottle of melatonin pills and look at the per-dose cost. I can't see a reason to pay that much just for the novelty of having it dissolve in my mouth. And it seems like a huge waste of packing - each dose has more packing material than product.


Sterling Heights, MI


Melatonin-- just not in pill form.


If you are looking for an all-natural method to fall asleep, this one is a winner. The primary ingredient is melatonin, so if you have tried melatonin in any capsule version with success then you will like these. Sheets sleep aid come in the form of a "sheet" you place on your tongue and let dissolve. This has a couple of advantages over the capsule: easy to take bedside as there is no need to get a cup of water and quicker delivery without the need to dissolve the capsule. The honey flavor of the strip is an added bonus. Overall, a good product to help you get to sleep. Make sure to check the box for a coupon! I have found one in almost all of the ones I bought.


Lavon, TX


Sheets Brand Honey Dreams Natural Sleep Aid

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