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Shea Terra
Shea Terra Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner

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Rose Water at its Finest


Shea Terra Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner is a luxury. I was searching for a rose water product and came across the Shea Terra brand. Based on the reviews I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. The rose water has a natural aromatic scent. It hydrates and cools your skin. A nice addition to your beauty regimen. Effectiveness Rose water revitalizes your skin. It can also be used to awaken tired eyes. No stingy or burning. Just dab a little onto your eye area and you feel instantly refreshed. Using as a toner helps remove all traces of makeup leaving your skin feeling ever so soft. Scent The fragrance of this product is as true to a rose as possible. Shea Terra uses the essence of the rose to deliver a natural product. The scent is a great aromatherapy for relaxing or for invigorating your day. Ease of Application Very easy to use. Can be applied to a cotton ball or simply pour onto your palm and pat onto your face. Put into a spray bottle and keep in the frig for a cooling sensation during the summer.

Saint Anne, IL


All natural product that does not dry out your facial skin


According to Shea Terra this product is 100% natural, alcohol free and great for all skin types. I found that it cleaned out my pores by removing anything that was left after cleansing my face. I was surprised to find little things on the cotton ball that the soap missed and that the toner picked up. It seemed to leave my skin feeling moist and hydrated, whereas alcohol based toners seem to leave my skin feeling dry. It is not oily and feels just like water. Scent There is a pleasant rose aroma that does not linger. Ease of Application Just apply to a cotton ball and then by using slight pressure wipe face.

Palm Harbor, FL


Shea Terra Rose Water Hydrating Facial Toner

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