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Sharper Image Ionic Breeze MIDI Air Purifier

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Great Air Purifier


I purchased two of these Ionic Breeze air purifiers and I love them.  They are easy to use, easy to clean, they don't need any replacement parts and they work silently.  They have three settings on the dial, low, medium and high, but I just turn it all the way up.  They also have a blue lit button for a boost, which turns it up higher for a few minutes or if you push it again it turns green which boosts the ions.  If there is a odor or problem in the room I turn on the boost to help clear it.  They require cleaning every week or two.  There is a light that goes on to tell you it is time to clean it.  Unfortunately one of my machines has a defective light and does not tell me it needs cleaning but it does start to make a crackling noise if it gets too dirty.  To clean you just lift out the center which has three metal bars about two inches wide running parallel the height of the machine.  You wipe the dirt off the sides of these with a damp cloth or paper towel and black dirt easily comes off.  If you use too much water you must dry these bars or allow to air dry before reinserting them.  When you put it back in the machine you also pick up the machine and turn it over a few times back and forth to clean the wire inside.  Also when the vents outside get dusty you can take off the front and back vents section and dust them.  The air cleaners really work.  The air is so much cleaner in the room with them running.  I sleep better with it running.  I would love to have one in each room.  The only time I turn them off is if I have all the windows open to air out the whole house.  They help with my children's allergies and helps us all breathe better. I would definitely recommend these for every room of the house.

Marietta, GA




We bought two of these a few years ago when our youngest son was an infant and had severe asthma. We had just moved into a newer house after we left an older one that had mold in the walls.. ewww. The air quality was the specific reason why we moved and the specific reason we bought these Ionic breezes. We put one upstairs and one downstairs and they seemed to work wonderfully. There is a light that comes on that tells you when you need to clean the filter. That job is simple. You just pop out the filter and wipe off all the gunk with a damp paper towel or a damp rag. All that gunk lets me know those babies are sucking out the nastiness so my family doesn't have to breathe it. Also, sometimes if the filter makes a crackling noise that means there is dust build up on the threads inside. It's simple to solve by just turning the unit upside down and back a couple of times. Our two units are still chugging away and we are happy with them.

Newport, NC


This Ionic Breeze mini size air purifier is a life saver.


This Ionic Breeze mini size air purifier is a life saver.  My office is also the arts and crafts room for over 75 kids daily, with all the smells from glues and paints and just that many different people my head would just ache at the end of the day.  I say a comercial for the mini sized Ionic Breeze and since we have one at home I just had to try it.  It worked that very first day i plugged it in and could tell a difference with in the first hour.  I went home that night without a head ache for the first time in over a year.  I is an amazing product.  We now have them all over our facility to help with all the dust and smells that will come with have a facility for children.  Even in the locker rooms just one little mini air purifier does the trick.  We do not have to use air aerosol anymore to cover the smell because this product does it for us.  I recommend this product to everyone, it is so small but very capable.

Saint Peters, MO


does an outstanding job


This has to absolutely be one of the very best purchases I have ever made.This quiet and effective air cleaner is the total bomb.I have to thank myself everyday.My house is alot cleaner and smells fresh and clean all the time now.This machine sits in my living room and stays on around the clock.I only turn it off to clean it every 2 or 3 weeks.You only need a wet cloth and the grids wipe clean in no time.It runs so quiet.You can only hear just a small sound when the grid needs cleaned. You would be amazed at all the junk this little machine collects. As a pet owner,I feel that this is a must have item.The odor of pets and dander,dust,mold and smoke and every other odor amaginable can be safely removed from your home. I love this air cleaner .Now that I have it, not using something like this is not an option.This also helps the o zone layer and this machine is proven to do the job. I highly recommend this to anyone who especially has pets or there is a smoker in the house. You will breathe much better and is even good for overall health. Get it soon and you will know exactly what I mean.    

Cincinnati, OH


Sharper Image Ionic Breeze MIDI Air Purifier

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