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Sharper Image Ceramic Spiral Styler CA890

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Great idea, but...


I thought it was an awesome idea...I LOVE spiral curls in my hair.  It heated up quick, and stayed hot for the duration.  My hair is loooong, down to my waist.  It got so tangled, and snarled in the curling iron that it did way more damage than good.  I'll just stick with my 1.5" barrel iron instead.  It was painful trying to first get the iron out of my hair, then impossible to brush out the tangles!  Ouch!!


Savannah, GA


it heats up nice and i love the long cord and nice spirals


i love this it takes a few times of uses to get the hang of using it but it works great and it makes very nice spirals in your hair... it get very hot but you can always adjust the temp of it so that it fits the way your hair is i like the longer cord also my out plugs are not very close to a mirror so the longer cord helps out... i have lots of expirence with alot of differnt hair products i love doing different things with my hair. 


Pigeon, MI


Sharper Image Ceramic Spiral Styler CA890

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