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Sharpe carosel sharp

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sharp carousel microwave works well


I have had my microwave for many years and it still works good, the only problem I have is that I lost one of the wheels on the bottom to spin the dish. but I found another to work. This microwave has prepared a lot of meals and I have had no repairs or work done to the oven. I would recommend sharp microwaves for quality and durability. Some ovens will last 2-3 yrs and short out, this one has been around a lot longer than that and is still working for me. This microwave has easy to understand directions and buttons to program for settings, no need to get the book to find out how to operate. This microwave is simple to use and has power level settings for items that require less cooking heat. this is a good oven for microwaving popcorn and just heating up soup or sandwiches, even coffee. I have always had good luck with sharp products and will continue to buy their line of products.

Old Fort, NC


Sharpe carosel sharp

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