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Sharp - spc026a Alarm Clock

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cute clock radio


I like my little Sharp alarm clock radio. It has both AM and Fm. And a really loud alarm. This clock radio is small. And does not take up a lot of space on my dresser. The numbers are large and bright and can be easily seen in the dark. This is a cute little alarm clock radio. Some radio stations come in kind of fuzzy. But this radio serves it's purpose. It keeps time and wakes me up. So I am satisfied with the Sharp alarm clock radio. I own quite a few Sharp products and I have not had ay major problems with any of them.

Roanoke, VA


Plug-in or battery, yay.


My cell phone alarm didn't go off one morning, so I went out looking for something small and cheap that I could plug in but also has the battery option for backup or travel. I think I picked this up at walmart for under 10 bucks. No bells and whistles, but it meets my simple need of having an alarm I can trust to wake me up even if the new england snow knocks out the power. My only complaints are that the alarm tone is pretty loud and that the display is pretty bright...but I'm pretty sensitive to light and sound, so it could just be my problem. Actual time and alarm time is easy to set...no need to read instructions with this little guy. Big snooze button to smack if you are into that. To turn the alarm off you have to be coherant enough to flip a small switch rather than hit a button. Display is red and easy to read. Does not have a radio, and as mentioned above you can't control the volume of the alarm. If you like to keep it simple, cheap, and dependable...this is a good alarm clock for you.

Roslindale, MA


Sharp - spc026a Alarm Clock

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