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Sharp R-323TKC Microwave Oven

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A little on the small size but great cooking power


I bought this microwave because I wanted one that was at least 1100 watts because I do a lot of cooking in my microwave and frozen meals and such. But I was trying to stay under 130 bucks when buying a new one. I found this microwave for that deal. The only downside is its a little on the small size for the entire unit as well as the inside with the turn table. My big glass cooking bowl still fit but its very close to the top and sides but it can turn freely. I wish this was at least a .5 bigger. There are many cooking settings that comes with this microwave. It has the defrost settings, food cook settings and one button I have come to use a lot more of is the minute plus button Performance It cooks food evenly and pretty true to all directions on packages with out any problems. Settings/Features It has several cooking options and defrost options that come programmed. Ease of Cleaning Its a standard microwave it doesn't have an auto clean button so I just warm up a cup of water to help loose the food and wipe it out Ease of Use The buttons are self explanatory. I don't have to read the book to figure it out Durability I haven't had it a year yet, but the buttons are already showing a little wear. But over the entire microwave seems to be holding up pretty well Design I like the microwave but I think its just a little small overall. But I bought it knowing the size up front.

Delaware, OH


Sharp R-323TKC Microwave Oven

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