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Sharp LCD TV

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Sharp - LC-26DV12U LCD TV is Great


This TV has been great.  The DVD is excellent and so convenient.  I don't have a problem with the sound as I do have HDTV thru cable company and the volume works fine on DVD's.  The picture is outstanding in light or dark rooms.  It was a great buy!  Since I use the cable company remote, last channel recall is not a problem.

Camp Hill, PA


the polaroid tv sounds perfect.


I have 2 polaroid tvs in my house and love them. I love them because the sound that I get from them are perect. The picture is wonderful. The only thing I don't like about my first perchase which was about 4 years about on my 37 inch tv is that there was no tv tunner in it and so I couldn't get my local channels. This is my main tv which is in the living room. Overall the price is great and worth the purchase.

Billings, MT


Won't buy Sharp again!


We purchased a Sharp Aquous 26" LCD TV because we though it had one of the best pictures at the time.  After about 9 or 10 months it started taking a some time to find the signal and just kept saying "Please Wait" on the screen when you first turned it on.  We did not think much of it and though it was just something with our DVR.  After about 13 months the problem got worse and just said "Please Wait" all of the time and never gave us a picture or sound.  We contacted Sharp and asked if they had experienced this problem and they were unable to give us any instruction as to how to correct it.  We explained that it had been slow at giving us a picture or sound for a couple of months but we did not realize that there was something wrong with the TV until it stopped giving any signal at all.  We asked if they would do anything since the problem started before the warranty was up?  They said that someone would call us back but noone ever did.  We contacted them again and asked if there was anything they would do and they said that they would not.  We even asked if they would work with us like paying for parts and we pay for labor or vice versa, but were flatly refused.  They did not even try to walk us through any support procedures to try to resolve the issue.  Some months later (after purchasing another TV-NOT A SHARP by the way) after the set was unplugged from a long time, my husband plugged it back in and had the cable connected directly to the TV and it worked for several more weeks or a couple of months.  We then took the TV out to our daughter in Colorado and connected it to her cable and it worked the first time it was turned on and then the next day would not work again giving us the same "Please Wait" message on the screen.  I think it has something to do with the cable or cable remote because when my husband had it working it was not connected to a cable box or using the cable remote.  I would think that Sharp would have had other similar problems and have an idea what might work to correct this issue.

Florence, KY


Sharp LC-26DV12U looks nice but has several drawbacks.


The physical design of this TV is great.  But the functionality is quite disappointing.  I have two other Sharp Aquos TVs, and they have been wonderful.  But this one leaves a lot to be desired.  (Please see the Pros and Cons that I have listed for the unit.)  Honestly, if I had known about the negatives of this TV I would have looked for another model. The biggest drawbacks are the absence of a Last Channel Recall capability and the inadequate sound volume.  I am amazed that this modern-day TV has no Last Channel Recall!  As for sound volume, I have the internal bass/trebel setting maxed out, and when I move the volume to maximum, I can still comfortably stand right next to the TV.  I called Sharp about this, and they told me I needed to subscribe to digital cable HD in order to get louder sound.  They said their speakers were not designed for standard analogue cable.  The very slow response time in changing channels is very annoying - and occurs ever time you want to change channels because there is no Last Channel Recall. The built-in DVD player is very nice.  Since most DVDs are encoded in high resolution, they play with an excellent picture on the TV.  Also, the DVD controls on the remote are nicely designed and easy to use.  The sound volume in DVD mode continues to be inadequate.         

Deerfield Beach, FL


Sharp LCD TV

3.5 4